​Oil drainer REDATS D-220

Essential for oil changes

This machine is perfect for oil changes. Not only does it catch the oil that flows down but also keeps it inside. Thanks to the suction probes, any oil change will be hassle-free. 

Removing all oil

The drainer is pressure-operated. This means an easy removal of all the oil that flows through the engine. Not only from the sump but also all the hoses. 

No time wasted

The efficiency of this oil drainer is 6.5 liters per minute. This makes the work go much faster - takes just minutes to replace it. 

Easy operation

This product is extremely easy to work with. Large castors and a comfortable handle make it much easier to move it around your workshop. 

Perfectly tight

You don't have to keep the used oil in buckets or barrels. This one has a large tank (80L), so you can easily store it there.

What's in the set?

There are six suction probes - four elastic and two metal ones. There are also 3 probes specifically designed for BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes cars.