REDATS W-870 wheel balancer 01

REDATS W-870 wheel balancer
Premium balancing machine
You often ask about premium balancing machines.

We are listening to you. Your needs are important to us. 

That's why - we are introducing PREMIUM class balancers!

Something more about this balancer

Production: ITALY
max. rim diameter: 35"
balancing time: 5.5 seconds
Automatic reading of distance and wheel diameter
Balancing accuracy 1 g
Measuring boom with weight holder
Calibration of a balancer for motorcycle wheels
Calibration of a balancer for car wheels
Static/dynamic balancing
Grams/ounces selection
Inch/millimeter selection
ALU programs for passenger car, off-road and motorcycle wheels
Hidden weight program
Going to standby
Management by multiple operators
Choosing the material of the weights
ESD – Easy Sonar Data
Service programs
Italian production = quality FOR THE BEST  
You are a specialist, so you know perfectly well that premium balancers are "Made in Italy". 

Knowing that many of you need higher-end equipment for more demanding wheels, we started cooperation with one of the leading tire repair factories in Italy!

Save your time
With this model you will balance the wheel in just 5.5 seconds!

You can service (almost) all wheels

This balancer is perfect for wheels:

personal data
delivery vans
You balance without any corrections. 
This model will highlight the place where the weight is glued/loaded - you don't have to look for it yourself!

You will forget about corrections, because the unbalance threshold is only 1 gram.

In this balancer you will find a weight material switch

Do you think it's an unnecessary gadget because you can work without it?

Remember that zinc/steel weights are slightly lighter than lead weights and therefore are larger. The device takes these differences into account when calculating unbalance.

By choosing the weight material, you can be sure that each wheel will be perfectly balanced.

This means better balancing accuracy!

No underweights. No wheel beating.

Choose the material of the weight and enjoy the certainty of every balance!

You can easily hide the weight behind the rim's arms.
The equipment has a SPLIT option - i.e. dividing the weight into two parts - it's easier to hide it behind the rim's arms!

Laser pointer
This balancer is equipped with a laser pointer that will show you where to glue the weight. 

Easy control
You always have the keyboard at hand - it is located in the lower right corner of the device! So it's perfectly under your right hand :)

Wheel measurement in 3D
So you can work even faster and more efficiently! The balancer's software reads the rim width itself! 

Foot brake - convenient work
You have a foot brake under your foot - you can stop the balancer at any time!

Easy Sonar Data
These are the standard widths of steel rims stored in memory. ESD does not support aluminum wheels. If the ESD function is available, the wheel width is entered along with the distance and rim diameter when applying the measuring boom to the rim edge. If the value calculated by ESD is not within the correct machine parameters, it will be necessary to measure the wheel width using the measuring compasses provided and enter the value manually.