Pneumatic air jack lift 4,5T with a straight handle - REDATS 15-01-02 - GARAGE EQUIPMENT AUTOMEKANICA

Pneumatic air jack lift 4,5T with a straight handle - REDATS 15-00-96 01

An improved model of the REDATS pneumatic car lift, produced in Poland. We decided to change some of the structural elements that facilitate the handling and durability of the snowman. The most important changes include:
The use of thicker rubber bellows to increase the lifting capacity of the lift.
The metal structure has been protected against corrosion in the galvanization process, the resulting coating perfectly protects the metal surface. 
A revised jack base that now rests more firmly on cross-positioned flat bars, giving a larger support surface.
A thicker handle, positioned above the main arm, makes it easier to reach for the lift from a lying position, without forcing you to bend down so deeply. 
The inlet and outlet valves with greater capacity have been used, which shortens the time of inflating and lowering the pillow.
The drain valve now has a longer, metal lever that we can grasp with our whole hand.
The safety valve is positioned vertically and on the main arm, not on the handle, making it more difficult to catch other objects with the handle while maneuvering.
Larger wheels make it easier to navigate over uneven, unpaved surfaces.
A three-tier pillow made of reinforced rubber.
The height of the rest allows easy maneuvering of the jack under the car's chassis.
The lifting height ensures sufficient access to the car when carrying out suspension repairs or tire changes.
The built-in internal metal telescope improves the stability of the lift and prevents swaying of the lifted vehicle.
A rubber disc on the top of the lift secures the lifted element and prevents it from slipping during operation.
Two valves, inlet and outlet, keep the system tight, even when the compressed air hose is disconnected.
The safety valve protects against exceeding the safe pressure in the cushion and cuts off the air supply above 8.3 bar.
It has a European declaration of compliance with safety standards.
Producer : REDATS
Maximum lifting capacity : 4.5 tons
Type : long
Maximum height : 38.5 cm
Minimum height : approx. 15 cm
Working pressure : 6 Bar
Length with handle : 128.5 cm
Weight : 24 kg
Warranty : 24 months


Pneumatic Air Jack lift 3T - REDATS LS-220 001

Pneumatic Air Jack lift 3T - REDATS LS-220