Pneumatic Air Jack lift 3T - REDATS LS-220 01

Pneumatic Air Jack lift - REDATS LS-220 
Perfect for "passenger cars"
This lift will be perfect for practically every passenger car - its lifting capacity is up to 3 tons.
Ease of work
The long handle makes it easy to maneuver without having to bend over too much. For your convenience, we have equipped this lift with large, comfortable wheels that significantly facilitate its maneuvering - even if the ground in the place where the car is standing is uneven, you will be able to control the lift without any problems.
Perfect fit for (almost) every car
The customer came with a low-slung car? No problem! A small resting height (only about 14 cm) will make the "snowman" easily fit under the chassis of most cars, allowing it to be easily lifted.
Pressure range
The working pressure of the lift is 6-10 Bar (the safety valve is activated when the pressure of 10 Bar is reached).
Working without tilting
Stability is essential when lifting cars with a snowman. To ensure the highest level of safety during work, the presented lift has a specially reinforced telescope, ensuring perfect stability (without the risk of the car tipping over when lifting). In addition, at the top there is also a rubber disk that blocks the lifted element during operation, which has an impact on safety.
Producer : REDATS
Maximum lifting capacity : 3 tons
Type : long
Maximum height : approx. 40 cm
Minimum height : approx. 14 cm
Cushion diameter (bellows) : 27 cm
Length with handle : 109 cm
Working pressure : 6 - 10 bar
Weight : 20 kg
Warranty : 24 months


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