Fully automatic tire changer
Under the name "automatic" there is a system of pneumatic actuators responsible for: forward and backward operation of the tire changer column without the use of force, controlled by a pedal. In addition, the machine allows not only to set the mounting foot at an optimal distance vertically and horizontally from the rim edge, but also to block the mounting foot in a pre-set position during the movement of the entire column, thanks to which we can replace the tires of the entire set of wheels without interfering with each other. settings.

Greater possibilities
By increasing the surface of the stage, the tire changer allows you to work with really large wheels. From now on, you can change tires in wheels with a rim diameter of up to 26 "and a width of up to 406 mm. In addition, the machine is characterized by:

• two-speed motor with a switch in the housing
• a stronger hammer of the tire changer with an adjustable stop
• a stronger arm with a greater range of motion
• larger piston diameter up to 200mm!

Trouble-free operation
The high-quality workmanship of the assembly table and jaws guarantees long and trouble-free operation, all you need to do is carry out routine maintenance. The tight pneumatic system is equipped with air distributors and quick couplings from well-known manufacturers of pneumatic accessories. 

Better pace of work
Replace more tires in even less time! The 3D auxiliary arm components guarantee efficient and safe assembly / disassembly of stiff low-profile and Run-Flat tires.

Rich equipment
See what the tire changer is equipped with:

3D attachment for low-profile and RUN-FLAT tires
Plastic covers for jaws 4 pcs.
Plastic cover on the foot
Assembly bucket 50 cm
Inflating gun with pressure gauge
Air treatment unit: air dehydrator and oiler
Container for  accessories

Producer : REDATS
Type : machine
Power supply : 3-phase (400V)
Range of rims internally : 14 "- 26"
The range of rims externally : 12 "- 23"
Maximum wheel diameter : 1143 mm
Maximum wheel width : 406 mm
Hammer power : 2500 kg
Engine power : 1st gear: 0.75 kW, 2nd gear: 1.1 kW
Working pressure : 8 - 10 Bar
Noise Level : <75 dB
Engine speed : 1st gear: 1360 rpm., Gear II: 2630 rpm.
Maximum table torque : 1078 Nm
Runflat / low profile tires : Yes
Table rotation speed : 1st gear: 6 rpm, Gear II: 12 rpm
Arm and foot lock system : Pneumatic (tilt back)
Standard equipment : Filtering and lubricating unit: Naolejacz + dehydrator, Inflating gun with pressure gauge, Plastic overlays on the foot (roller and glide), Plastic covers for jaws 4 pcs., Assembly bucket, Container for accessories, Arm 3D2 (2x roller, hoof, centering cone)
Application : passenger cars and vans
Weight : approx. 270 kg
Dimensions (H x D x W) : 198 x 112 x 98 cm
Warranty : 24 months


GARAGE EQUIPMENT Tyre changer for trucks 141-LKW 002

Tyre changer for trucks 141-LKW

GARAGE EQUIPMENT Tyre changer for trucks 151-LKW 003

Tyre changer for trucks 151-LKW