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What is it for?
This tyre changer can be used for smaller wheels - like the ones in motorbikes, as well as scooters or ATVs.
Built to last
The jaws in this tyre changer are made of single cast. This means, trouble-free use for years. Also, it consists of top-notch electrical wires. So, there is need to be afraid of any trouble.
Comfortable operation
The arm can be swung to the side, while working with mounting/demounting tyres, And thanks to the manual blocking of the lever, you can easily set the duckhead in the chosen position.

Producer : REDATS
Type : semi-automatic
Power supply : 230V 50Hz
The range of rims externally : 6 "- 24"
Range of rims internally : 7 "- 24"
Maximum wheel width : 355 mm
Maximum wheel diameter : 1000 mm
Engine power : 0.75 kW
Hammer power : 2500 kg
Working pressure : 8 - 10 Bar
Noise Level : <75 dB
Maximum table torque : 1078 Nm
Table rotation speed : 6 rpm
Runflat / low profile tires : no
Arm and foot lock system : Manual (tilt to the side)
Application : motorcycle
Weight : approx. 188 kg
Standard equipment : Filtering and lubricating unit: Naolejacz + dehydrator, Inflating gun with pressure gauge, Assembly bucket, Container for accessories
Dimensions (H x D x W) : 190 x 100 x 75 cm
Warranty : 24 months


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