REDATS W-820 wheel balancer 01

Product code: 13-01-05
Premium class wheel balancer
REDATS W-820 - an Italian machine that has everything necessary for effective and efficient work. 

The most important information about this balancer

Production: Italy
Max. rim diameter: 28"
Balancing time: 5.5 seconds
Automatic reading of distance and wheel diameter
Balancing accuracy 1 g
Measuring boom with weight holder
Calibration of a balancer for car wheels
Calibration of a balancer for motorcycle wheels
Static/dynamic balancing
Grams/ounces selection
Inch/millimeter selection
ALU programs for passenger car, off-road and motorcycle wheels
Hidden weight program
Management by multiple operators
Choosing the material of the weights
Just think how much time you will save!
A standard machine balances a wheel in 8 seconds

On REDATS W-820 you can do it in 5.5 seconds!

You can handle really large wheels

You can mount the wheels of (almost) all cars that come for your tire repair on this wheel balancer - the maximum rim diameter is 35" (entered manually, with automatic reading it is 28").

It is perfect for wheels:

personal data
delivery vans
Automatic reading of distance and wheel diameter.
This machine will measure the distance and wheel diameter by itself. Save yourself time - you no longer have to enter these parameters manually!

How does wheel reading work?
You have a measuring arm here. You put it on the rim and after a while you have the wheel parameters read!

Hidden weight - program for premium cars!
You probably know how many of your tire repair customers have big, nice wheels. 

On such 21 or 22" wheels, a large bar of weights simply looks weak.

However, thanks to this balancer, you can easily avoid this. This model is equipped with the SPLIT option, which allows the weight to be divided into 2 parts.

It's easier to hide the weight behind the rim's spokes, thus not disfiguring its appearance!

Simple gluing of the weight - use a boom.
You don't have to stick your hand in - use a measuring boom.

Simply attach the weight to the boom - it has a special holder. 
Move to the selected place - where you will paste the weight.
Precision in every balancing  
This balancer has a weight material switch

Do you think it's an unnecessary gadget because you can work without it? 

Remember that zinc/steel weights are slightly lighter than lead weights and therefore are larger. The device takes these differences into account when calculating unbalance.

By choosing the weight material, you can be sure that each wheel will be perfectly balanced. 

This means better balancing accuracy! 

No underweights. No wheel beating.
Choose the material of the weight and enjoy the certainty of every balance! 

Accuracy up to 1g!
The precision of balancing in this machine is 1 g. This means that you can always be sure that each rim is accurately balanced. No corrections. No customer complaints. Without wasting time on any strange actions. 

Simultaneous work of 2 operators!
This machine has the option of two operators working simultaneously. This feature can speed up work in the workshop because when one operator is busy dismantling or remounting a tire, a second operator can use the machine to perform the balancing operation and vice versa. This will significantly speed up work on your garage!